Incentive Activities:
Falconry & Gundogs

Falcons and Gundogs are both gorgeous creatures albeit two very different ones. And both play an important role in Scotland's history of hunting.</h4>
Falconry is the ancient art of taking wild quarry with a trained bird of prey. Originally, Falconry was using birds of prey as a tool for catching food for the table. Hunting with birds of prey is still practiced today and a Falconry Display is an excellent addition to a corporate event, incentive trip or luxury leisure trip to Scotland.

People will learn about the training methods, how birds of prey are still used nowadays and our expert falconers will teach you how to fly and handle such a majestic bird.
In addition to our feathered friends, dogs have been used for hunting for thousands of years and trained accordingly as well.

So called "Gundogs" are types of hunting dogs developed to assist hunters in finding and retrieving game, usually birds such as pheasants or grouse.
During a Gundog Display - an entertaining and educational demonstration - people will learn about dog training methods, gundog skills and get to see a wonderful array of tricks from small puppies to highly trained gundogs.

Both, a gundog display and a falconry display are great, authentic activities and an entertaining addition to every trip to Scotland. Both activities go well in combination with a 4x4 experience or a day in Scotland's breathtaking nature.